Private Online Tutoring

Environmental & Ecological Awareness through Learning


Impact Projects (IP)

Students explore a passion or cause, then design and implement an action-based plan.

  • Developed for higher academic/learning portfolios.
    • character development
    • building empathy
    • understanding cause and effect
    • instilling social responsibility. 

Enrichment Programs (EP)

Enrichment programs are designed to expand knowledge of student-centered interests through hands-on learning and activities.

Enrichment programs stimulate learners’ curiosity, imagination, and connection with the world.

Curriculum with a Cause embraces personalized, purposeful learning through private education.

Supporting traditional education with relevant & rigorous programs for Learners.

Private Education

We advance student learning through dynamic, engaging lessons and activities focused on their specific needs and interests.

Private sessions begin with a consultation, pre-assessment, and a collaborative personalized learning plan.

Mrs. Lee and her students