Personalized Learning

Disrupting traditional education with hands-on, real-world, relevant and rigorous learning. 

Curriculum with a Cause is a private initiative to personalize learning, through private tutoring, impact projects and enrichment programs.

Private Tutoring

We support student learning through dynamic, engaging lessons and activities focused on the learner’s specific needs and interests.

Private tutoring begins with a consultation, pre-assessment, and a collaborative personalized learning plan.

Impact Projects (IP)

Students explore a passion or cause, then design and implement an action-based plan.

  • Developed for higher academic/learning portfolios.
    • character development
    • building empathy
    • understanding cause and effect
    • instilling social responsibility. 
Mrs. Lee and her students

Enrichment Programs

Enrichment programs are designed to expand knowledge of student-centered interests through hands-on learning and activities.

Enrichment programs stimulate learners’ curiosity, imagination, and connection with the world.