Robin D. Lee

Certified educator; highly qualified in English/Language Arts (ELA)
and Math K-8.

Experienced online (eLearning) and in-person “tutor lady” and academic coach K-12.

Robin D. Lee


Private Educator

Experienced | Educated | Engaging

A Middle School​ ​Educator for​ ​25+ years, Robin Lee established year-long learning communities, based on the ​Growth Mindse​t practice and philosophy in her classrooms.

These concept-based modules embrace educational outreach, service learning activities, and social media integration.

Outreach curriculum can focus on ​environmental and ecological awareness, ​social compassion,​ diversity.

Service Learning supports real-world issues. Students become more engaged in learning when globally connected, and aware of social and environmental impact.

The results lead to being more active in collaborative missions, and teamwork.