Private Tutoring

Personalized, relevant learning devised for individual growth.

Private Tutoring Services

We always start with an initial consultation (free of charge) to determine your learner’s needs and goals. 

Tutoring engagement starts with a pre-assessment to establish each student’s baseline. Personalized Learning Plans (PLP) & lessons are devised and aligned, with goals based on the initial consultation.

Quarterly post-assessments are generated to determine growth, strengths and mastery. 

Always available to consult with your student’s teachers, to assist in navigating your particular educational system.

Home Tutoring Within our service area one-on-one sessions in your home can be scheduled.

Each session is front-loaded with preparation time, to customize each lesson plan.

Online Tutoring  Google chat, docs and Zoom video are a couple of our tools that are fairly universal.

Depending on your situation, if your learner is more independent we can explore virtual tutoring sessions that will mirror the same guidelines as in home sessions.

We use Google Hangouts for most students, since it has been embedded in many school systems already.